Share travel “must dos” with people you know and trust

Most great travel experiences start with inspiration from friends and family. Harness the power of your personal network to hit the best spots on your next vacation. See the places your friends have been, and learn from their experiences. See their reviews, recommendations, and travel history. Share your own!

Where many travel sites have hundreds or thousands reviews from people you don’t know, Trippi is focused on personal recommendations on where to stay, where to eat, and what to do on a trip.

With Trippi, you can connect with friends and explore where they’re traveling while adding ideas to your future travel plans. This limits the amount of research you have to do when planning your next adventure, knowing you are including items from your most trusted sources.

Trippi also enables you to review and store all of your past travel experiences in one centralized location. This gives you easy access when needing to reference previous trips and share with others.

The Trippi app is the ultimate social travel planner. Starting loading your content today!

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